Great Website Design Boosts Sales Conversions

With over 4.5 billion people online in 2020, your business should be on the internet if you don’t plan to be out of business anytime soon. To create a solid online presence for your business, you’ll probably have website design at the core of your strategy. But there’s more to web design than fancy graphics and a couple of texts.
You need to do more than just putting a few pictures and content on the web. While your mom may like that website, you’ll need more than this to win real clients and land more sales. If you’re contemplating website design Squamish, here’s how cutting-edge design can help boost your bottom line.

Superior user experience

Whether you choose to agree or not, user experience on your website will significantly influence overall customer experience as well as customer perception of your business. Your website design Whistler should, therefore, have user-friendliness as one of the defining elements. So, how do you build a user-friendly website?
The focus should be on the following;
⦁ Fast page loading speeds (today’s consumers are becoming impatient with each passing day and can’t put up with slow loading websites). ⦁ Google Page Speed Developers recommend a page loading speed of 2s.
⦁ Actionable and easily navigable layout for a no-frills experience (difficulty and frustrations with using your website will cost you potential customers and sales).

Responsive website design

You need a website that renders perfectly well on devices and screen sizes of all types.
This has something to do with user experience but it’s so important that we have to discuss it separately. To help guarantee maximum lead generation and sales conversion, your website must render neatly and should be easy to use across all platforms, whether on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop.

For responsiveness, a website designer Squamish should focus on;

⦁ Mobile-first design to guarantee exceptional functionality and ease of use on mobile devices since ⦁ mobile sources now account for over 56% of global web traffic. It also helps with SEO!
⦁ Seamless adaptability on devices and screens of all sizes, browsers, and devices to guarantee a hitch-free user experience on all platforms and devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website should be beautiful inside and out. But even more importantly, it should be seen. So this is where search engine optimization comes in. Your website design Whistler should incorporate SEO into the design.
SEO helps get your web pages to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).
This can be very important for your brand awareness, visibility, credibility, and marketing efforts. Wondering why SEO or local SEO is such a big deal? Here are a few reasons;
⦁ Google processes ⦁ more than 3.5 billion searches per day and these accounts for about 51% of total website traffic (SEO lets customers Google their way to your website).
⦁ 78% of local internet searches (near me) result in offline purchases, according to ⦁ Search Engine Land.

All of these are just too much to leave on the table for your competitors

Fortunately, Google and most of the other relevant search engines would still consider user experience, loading speed, and mobile responsiveness into their ranking factors. Along with on-page SEO strategies, a great Squamish web design agency will help you leverage SEO so you can be exactly where your audience (customers) can easily find you.

Bottom line

Up here are the defining elements that make great websites great.
To build a website that wins high-value clients and guarantees maximum sales conversion, there has to be a balance of aesthetics and functionality. If you’re able to find a website designer Squamish that can deliver on all fronts, your business website will supercharge your marketing to boost your bottom line.

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