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Secure hosting is essential for WordPress websites to ensure data security and safety from cyberattacks. Keeping the WordPress software up-to-date ensures that the website is running on the latest version which helps reduce any potential security vulnerabilities. Additionally, fast loading websites have become increasingly important as slow loading websites can increase bounce rates and negatively affect user experience. Fast loading websites are often achieved through proper optimization of HTML, images, caching techniques and using reliable web hosting services with adequate server performance.

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Secure Hosting

Secure hosting and properly maintained WordPress websites are essential for ensuring a safe, fast loading experience for users. Having SSL certificates and regularly updating plugins, themes, and core versions can help prevent security breaches as well as enhance the website’s performance.

Content Optimization

Additionally, optimizing images on your website can make a huge difference in page speed; compressing them appropriately will reduce the size of images without compromising on quality or resolution. Similarly, implementing caching systems can help improve page loading times significantly.


Regular Back-Ups

Choosing the right hosting provider is key to having a secure website; they should provide back-ups, malware scanning and removal, regular vulnerability testing and patching, firewalls, etc. to make sure your website is protected from malicious attacks and viruses.

Fast Load Times

Ensuring your WordPress website is fast-loading also contributes to overall security by reducing its exposure time to potential attackers who may be monitoring the network traffic. Making sure you have adequate hosting resources available and optimizing the code of your website can dramatically increase its loading speed while also decreasing bandwidth usage costs associated with hosting your site.


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Standard Website Design

Does your business require the basics? This might be a Home Page, About Page, Services/Products Page (not e-commerce), Gallery Page, Contact and perhaps a blog? We design websites like your on a monthly basis and have developed systems that make thr process very easy for you.

This is a pretty basic website and range in price based on a few variables. Get a free quote now by clicking the button below.

E-Commerce Website Design

You want to sell products online, this is an e-commerce website. There are a few great options for building e-commerce websites and we have experience with all the major platforms. Your price will be dependant on how many products you want to sell, how many variations to those products and what platform is going to be most suitable. 

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